Tales of the Sword Coast

Chronicle of the Orchammer

Penned by his squire, Aseir

Penned this, the 29th day of Tarsakh, in the Year of Deep Water Drifting, 1481 DR

My first day of working for my master, the honorable Master Orchammer has been more exciting than any other day I have spent upon Toril. It started off mundanely enough. I helped Mother make preparations to travel to Thundertree, our new home. Master Orchammer arranged for her to tend his bar while he adventures, and she gladly accepted.

I met up with my master in the Upper City at the Helm and Cloak. A large crowd had gathered in the Wide nearby, and my Master and his brave companions guessed correctly that some loaf had stolen the hands from the Beloved Ranger. The whole city was outraged, and of course, my Master and his friends sprang into action. They met with that nervous Master of Cobbles, Nurthammas, and quickly joined the investigation. Mister Baremedows searched the area around the statue and found a brooch mostly buried in the ground. I never would have found that, but he keen eyes picked it up. The tree woman found a badly damaged dagger nearby, and like the brooch, it had one of the Patriar family crests on it.

My Master worked his magic all around the Wide, using Torm’s powers to try to find the hands, but they were nowhere nearby. Mister Baremedows suggested we investigate the Patriar houses on the insignias, and we headed over to the Ravenshade manor. We met with Lady Ravenshade, a woman of beauty and grace unequalled, and she allowed us to search her daughter, Agathé’s room. Her servant was watching, but I managed to snag her journal. Mister Baremedows found some love poems from a partial lad named Walleth, and a bawdy note from some other patriar boy called Vafiir. I didn’t get to read that note, but Miss Leal did. I’ve never seen a tree blush before.

We went to the other house, the one with the crest on the dagger, and spoke to Lord Oberon. He seemed to be very upset that his boy could have been out wandering the Lower City, and told us where to find his tutor, some bloke named Delvin Tallfellow. Mister Baremedows spoke with him for a while, and then told everyone that there were six patriar youths involved, possibly kidnapped. The young Miss Ravenshade’s journal said she was bribing some Watch guard named Jovashe, so we went and talked to him.

Jovashe caved pretty quickly under the threats my Master and Mister Baremedows levied. He pointed us to a lamp lad named Brom, who said he took the group to a ferryman near Gray Harbor. We found the ferryman, gold was exchanged, and he ferried us to Twinsongs, not far from my house. The sun was setting by then, but we managed to find a merchant who said he saw them slip inside the potter shop owned by Hargold Hadru.

We moved down the narrow pass of Wyrm’s Bridge, found the shop, and convinced Mister Hadru to show us where the missing Patriars were hiding. They were holed up in the hanging cellar beneath his shop. From what they said, they were just playing a prank, one that went very wrong. Once they realized how much of the city they had infuriated, they fled. I would have, too. Master Odric sent me for a boat to help bring the youths back to the Upper City without the Fist or the Watch being any wiser.

Not long after I had acquired the boat and was making my way back to the Bridge, I heard a huge explosion. I found my Master sinking to the bottom of the Chionthar, Miss Leal floating above him, the dragon woman lying on top of Miss Leal, and the dragon man floating down from the heavens to save them. One of the patriars was down there, too, with a broken arm. I helped her into the boat before getting my Master and his companions in as well. We rowed to the south end of the bridge and met up with Mister Baremedows and the other patriars. Hopefully we can get a good night’s sleep before making the long trek back to the Upper City.



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