Tales of the Sword Coast

Correspondence from the Office of Duke Torlin Silvershield Regarding the Growing Civil Unrest

Tarsakh 19, 1840 D.R.

Esteemed friends,

Forgive my inability to meet with you earlier. There have been increasing reports of petty vandalism in the Lower City, and the merchants have been at my door for days demanding action. As if scrawled graffiti and a few broken windows required the attention of a Duke! The gall! But, it seems they are persistent, if nothing else. Therefore, I would ask that you investigate who is behind these petty crimes. Bring any you find involved to the Flaming Fist for judgement. That should be sufficient to satisfy these upstart peddlers and traders. Report back to me once you have made progress and for a small token of appreciation for your service.

Blessings of Gond be upon you,

Duke Torlin Silvershield, High Wondermaker of Gond



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