Agathé Ravenshade

A gifted dancer and rebellious patriar youth


A lithe young patriar with ruddy cheeks, Agathé has the frame of a naturally gifted dancer. Her green eyes sparkle with youth, but belie an experience beyond her 15 summers. Her movements are quick and full of energy. When not dancing, Agathé often fidgets, taps her fingers, or twirls her hair, desperately trying to expend her pent up energy.


Her friend Tazenette Durinbold introduced her to followers of the goddess Lliira, and they have been helping Agathé perfect her dancing. She practices at every opportunity, and has been known to seek out new and exotic teachers passing through the Gate.

Recently, she and some of her friends played a naïve prank and removed the hands of the statue of the Beloved Ranger in the Wide. Once they realized the outrage they had caused, they fled and holed up in Harold Hadru’s pottery shop on the south end of Wyrm’s Bridge.

Agathé Ravenshade

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