Elesias Jhasso

Partial youth involved with the disappearance of Minsc's Hands


From exceptional stock, just like all blooded members of House Jhasso, Elesias ensures that her appearance is always immaculate. She and her servants spend hours perfecting the soft curls of her soft chestnut hair and powdering her already porcelain skin. Only the finest lipsticks grace her cherry lips, and a small fortune is spent importing the particular shade of dusk blue that she prefers to delicately brush across her upper eyelids.

As a matter of style, she favors elegant dresses, large hats, and complex jewelry. Many assume that her rigid posture is a function of the often-wired dresses she prefers, but in actual fact, it is the product of a stern and exacting upbringing.


Elesias, or Elle to her friends, has always had a knack for language and song. While House Jhasso is rife with talented singers, Elle’s ability borders on the divine. Her parents have hired the best tutors money can buy to ensure that Elle’s voice is nothing shy of perfection. With song such a large part of her life, Elle tends to absentmindedly sing, albeit softly, when she is stressed or concentrating.

Recently, she and some of her friends played a naïve prank and removed the hands of the statue of the Beloved Ranger in the Wide. Once they realized the outrage they had caused, they fled and holed up in Harold Hadru’s pottery shop on the south end of Wyrm’s Bridge.

Elesias Jhasso

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