Chief executive overlord of the Cordenth Guild-Clan of Artisans


Irshimboss’s boss.

A shrewd but reasonable authority figure, Ixuvalos runs and manages the Cordenth Guild-Clan of Artisans, keeping it running like a well-oiled machine. Ixuvalos maintains an air of professionalism about him at all times, and commonly addresses humanoid creatures with mannerisms not unlike that of an employer consulting an employee.

When conducting guild-clan business, he prefers to use the form of a dragonborn (when in Cordenth) or high elf (outside Cordenth) clad in emerald-green attire with gold trimmings fashioned into a draconic motif. Since hiring a legion of warrior bagpipers for his lair, he has taken to playing bagpipes himself in this form as a hobby, and can sometimes be seen carrying the instrument. The bagpipe is usually armored with scale mail to prevent miscreants from slicing the bag open to silence it.

When he was a four-year-old wyrmling, Ixuvalos had the misfortune of being the incumbent dragon when a red dragon menaced the Cordenths. The red dragon began his attack by scooping Ixuvalos up in his jaws, holding him in a display of dominance, and then making a show of swallowing the baby gold whole. A concerted effort from the clan’s trappers managed to immobilize the red dragon before it could proceed to destroying the village, allowing the rest of the clan to cut its belly open to save Ixuvalos. Ixuvalos’ natural form still bears scars and discoloration from the experience.

Ixuvalos remains unwaveringly loyal to the Cordenth Guild-Clan of Artisans, seeing it as his repayment to them for saving his life as a wyrmling.


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