Aseir "Scrap" Basha

A poor Outer City youth


5’7’’, 100 lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes

Str. 6 (- 2)
Dex. 18 (+ 4)
Con. 12 (+ 1)
Int. 18 (+ 4)
Wis. 14 (+ 2)
Cha. 9 (- 1)

HP: 7
HD: 1d6
Proficiency Bonus: +1
Skills: Athletics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth
Tool Proficiencies: Gaming set (dice), thieves’ tools
Feat: Mobile

  • Speed: 40 feet
  • Difficult terrain doesn’t cost extra movement when using the Dash action
  • When you make a melee attack against a creature, you don’t provoke opportunity attacks from that creature for the rest of your turn.

Equipment: Dirty rags (clothes), a small piece of metal filed to a sharp point, a sling, a pouch with small, smooth river stones, a poorly scrawled map of Baldur’s Gate, his father’s silver necklace, 2 copper, and a pet rat named Squeakers.


Scrap was always scrawny, but what he lacks in brute strength, he makes up for in agility and speed. He took up begging outside Basilisk Gate at the age of four to help supplement his family’s meager income. His father worked as a nightsoil collector and his mother washed clothes in the river. Life was bearable, but difficult.

Last year, his father was murdered by the Guild after refusing to help them. Unable to afford their rent, Scrap and his family have been left to live in the streets and alleys of the Outer City. His mother, at her wits end, has been selling his brothers and sisters to merchants, travelers, adventurers, anyone who can teach them a skill and hopefully take them away from their life of poverty and starvation.

Aseir "Scrap" Basha

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