Sigur Hhune


While handsome, Sigur pays little attention to his physical appearance. His morning ritual typically involves rolling out of a soft bed, relieving himself in the nearest chamber pot, and painting something from last night’s dream.His hands are often stained with paint, something that distracts many from the missing pinky and ring fingers on his right hand.


As a youth, Sigur often travelled with his older brothers to the family farms a day’s ride outside the city walls. On one such trip, he ventured too close to a threshing combine, and lost part of his right hand, including his pinky and ring fingers.

The priests were not able to heal his hand in time, but suggested painting as a way for him to regain some manual dexterity, as well as express his feelings and cope with the loss. For years, Sigur’s paintings were dark, but recently they have taken a brighter turn. He met Vafiir Redlocks after selling a few of his paintings, and the half-elf introduced him to his group of friends. It didn’t take long for most of his paintings to feature Elle Jhasso. The pair spend quite a bit of time together, but she hasn’t yet realized the depth of his feelings for her.

Recently, he and his friends played a naïve prank and removed the hands of the statue of the Beloved Ranger in the Wide. Once they realized the outrage they had caused, they fled and holed up in Harold Hadru’s pottery shop on the south end of Wyrm’s Bridge.

Sigur Hhune

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