Tazenette Durinbold

A young poet and adherent of Sune, goddess of beauty and love


A spritely beauty and spirit quickly identifies Tazenette as a free spirit. Her movements are quick and purposeful, if not always graceful. She usually has any number of cuts, bumps, and bruises on her hands, arms, and legs from her frequent “adventures”.


Tazenette has a love for life and danger not often embraced by adherents of Sune’s teachings. She loves taking risks and being with her friends, and so leads three or four late night expeditions into the Lower and Outer Cities for her friends each tenday. Sometimes these trips end badly, but more often than not, the group gets a little too drunk and comes back with a good story.

Her parents home to marry her off to a trade rival in Amn, but if Tazenette has anything to say about it, she’ll take up the adventurer’s mantle and win fame and fortune before her thirtieth birthday. She has been known to claim that the small locket she wears around her neck contains the ashes of Boo, Minsc’s pet hamster.

Recently, she and some of her friends played a naïve prank and removed the hands of the statue of the Beloved Ranger in the Wide. Once they realized the outrage they had caused, they fled and holed up in Harold Hadru’s pottery shop on the south end of Wyrm’s Bridge.

Tazenette Durinbold

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