Vafiir Redlocks

A patriar's foppish bastard who discovers new artists


The trademark red hair of House Redlocks is usually the first thing one notices when meeting Vafiir; his pointed ears are a close second. Verifier’s smile comes quickly but rarely puts anyone who doesn’t know him well at ease. He has the look of a young man with a plan, typically a devious one.


The illegitimate child of Lord Redlocks, Vafiir has proven himself of little use to the household, but is kept around nonetheless. He works constantly to prove his worth to his father, but Lord Redlocks seems disinterested in the boy’s efforts. Lady Redlocks largely pretends he doesn’t exist. The only person in the household who pays him any mind is his sister, Valerica.

Valerica encouraged her half-brother to nurture his talent for words and channel it into poetry. She has tutored him for some time, and his work is indeed improving. He finds his favorite use of his poetry has become to woo young women and separate them from their virginity. Agathé Ravenshade is Vafiir’s current obsession, and if he is successful in bedding her, he will likely discard her soon after as he has done with half a dozen young women (both patriar youths and the children of wealthy merchants his father does business with).

Recently, he and some of his friends played a naïve prank and removed the hands of the statue of the Beloved Ranger in the Wide. Once they realized the outrage they had caused, they fled and holed up in Harold Hadru’s pottery shop on the south end of Wyrm’s Bridge.

Vafiir Redlocks

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