Valerica Redlocks


Valerica possesses the typical flame-red hair of her house, and shares her mother’s large, flushed lips. Her classical beauty is sought by many, but Valerica seems only interested in the arts, specifically her half-brother’s poetry.


One of three legitimate heirs to her father, Lord Redlocks’, fortune, Valerica has been groomed to take over a piece of the family shipping business. She has a keen mind for languages, and at the age of 22, has already mastered Chondathan, Damaran, two dialects of elvish, and has a working understanding of trade terms in dwarvish.

While not terribly talented in any form of art, she does have a great appreciation of the work of others. She spends much of her free time watching artists in their craft, reading her half-brother’s poetry, or searching for new art to purchase.

Valerica Redlocks

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