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Player’s Handbook
Races are divided into three categories: Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Common Races: Dwarf, elf, halfling, human. These races can be selected at character creation. We are not using the Variant Human option.

Uncommon Races: Half-elf, half-orc. These races can be selected, but you should discuss your character concept and background with the DM prior to creating your character.

Rare Races: Dragonborn, drow, gnomes, tiefling. These races are rare in the campaign setting, and will only be approved if their presence fits with the campaign.

All classes in the Player’s Handbook are available at character generation. Players who wish to play an Oathbreaker Paladin or cleric with the Death domain should partner with the DM.

All backgrounds are available at character creation.

We are using the optional feats (unless everyone decides to take Lucky, then we might be using all feats but that one).

Elemental Evil Players Companion
Aaracockra, deep gnomes, and genasi, are considered Rare races, and may only be selected for character creation with DM approval.
Goliath do not exist in this campaign, but a human variant known as Jotunbrud use the same stats. Jotunbrud are a rare subrace of humans.

These spells may be added to your class list and can be chosen when your class indicates you learn new spells. In addition, they will be added to the list of spells that may appear on scrolls rolled as part of random treasure.

Cantrips: Please let me know if you are interested in taking a cantrip from the new spells available in this document. If the new spell fits your character concept, you may be able to swap it for an existing cantrip.

Player Options

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