Tales of the Sword Coast

A bloody beginning

7 Tarsakh, 1480 D.R.

The following is an except from the journal of Aelar Galanodel…

“7 Tarsakh, 1480 D.R.: Eventful times are always at hand when traveling with my companions. Disembarking upon Bauldur’s Gate’s piers, we found a festival taking place. Centered mainly in The Wide, the High City’s open-air market, we delighted in smells and sights beyond the rails of The Sea Sprite. And while I depend upon my companions when times are tough, it was pleasant to wander the Wide alone. Not listening to variations of Perrin’s repertoire of songs, watch Irshimboss mutter esoteric formulae to himself, or avoid Odric as he extolls the virtues of Torm over all Others… these were pleasures I did not realize I would enjoy quite as much as I did.

Still, the peaceful bliss of solitude, even among the masses, was not to last. Shortly after a local figure, one Duke Abdel Adrian, mounted a rough platform along the Wide’s eastern edge to address the gathered masses, mayhem broke out. Archer’s fired upon the crowd from vantage points high along the rooftops, creating panic and chaos among the crowded masses. While most of the gathered populace scattered to the four winds, I was heartened to see my companions spring into action. Serina and Odric waded into the fray, while Irshimboss used his arcane knowledge to impressive effect. Perrin and Leia worked to calm the crowd and get people (and cats…?) to safety. All the while, Thia and I took up defensive positions near the Duke, who seemed intent to finding the source of the chaos.

Before too long a challenger leapt atop the stage and Duke Adrian and this wicked fiend took up arms against one another. Alas, Duke Adrian was outmatched and unable to overcome the superior arms of his opponent. Upon the Duke’s death, the villain underwent a hideous transformation, spraying the remaining crowds with blood and ichor before our combined efforts were able to bring the hideous fiend down…."



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