Cordenth Guild-Clan of Artisans

A clan of dragonborn artisans that holds status as a guild.


The actual records of the clan’s early history are sparse, and what little is found is vague at best. What is known is that sometime around -2500 D.R., a gold dragon named Glistenflare laid and hatched a clutch of eggs containing the five dragonborn that would found the Cordenth dragonborn clan. Glistenflare mentored her dragonborn offspring until shortly after hatching of her next clutch, when she, her hoard, and all but one of her new hatchlings vanished from her lair overnight. The confused family of dragonborn and one equally-confused wyrmling were the only evidence that remained that she was ever there.

The wyrmling grew in the care of the dragonborn until it grew old enough to mate, at which point the dragon left one of his wyrmlings for the burgeoning clan to care for and seek guidance from while he set out to find a home elsewhere. Similar draconic instincts and impulses would continue to call each generation of dragon to repeat the cycle for the next 4000 years.

As the cycle continued over time, the Cordenths came to accept it as normal, and eventually a sort of religious tradition, with numerous parties within the clan weighing in with their own beliefs and theories about Glistenflare. Most of it is limited to speculation, as neither the clan nor the dragons have seen or heard anything of her, despite innumerable concerted search efforts.

Until 1374 D.R.,The Cordenth clan was governed by a council of seven clan-masters, each representing one of the seven bloodlines that comprised the clan, with the clan’s founding bloodline providing the head clan-master. The dragons were content with advisory roles in the clan’s government, as it allowed them to explore and find quests when their presence wasn’t needed.

In 1372, the clan-masters and their chosen successors all succumbed to the Wailing Death immigrating from Neverwinter, as did most of the clan. In the aftermath, the surviving Cordenths chose the most suitable among them to be the new clan-masters, most of whom were still quite young and unqualified to lead the clan.

After two years of lackluster government, the Cordenths killed off the clan-masters for their negligence following a red dragon attack on the village that very nearly killed their incumbent gold wyrmling, Ixuvalos. Rather than elect new clan-masters, the dragonborn opted to give Ixuvalos full authority over the clan. The dragon would appoint new clan-masters, and would hold the final rule on all decisions they made from that day forward.

The clan was reforged into the Cordenth Guild-Clan of Artisans (often shortened to just “Cordenth Guild-Clan”) after the eruption of Mt. Hotenow, mostly to foster collaboration with other guilds through the Neverwinter guild halls in exchange for materials to rebuild their obliterated village.

Cordenth Village

The Cordenth dragonborn village is located on the side of a lake just northeast of Neverwinter, which the Cordenths have named Lake Glistenflare after their dragon ancestor.

A large stone tower—dubbed “Lair Tower” by the Cordenths—stands at the northernmost point of the lake, and marks the center of the village. The floor level of the tower serves as the lobby for the gold dragon’s lair, with the second and third levels housing most of the clan’s government and utility offices. The highest floor houses the clan’s dungeon.

The rest of the village extends outward to either side of the Dragon’s Citadel, wrapping around the north and northeast banks of the lake. Most of the buildings in the village are two-story structures; one story for the workshop, and one story to house the artisan that owns it.

The perimeter of the village facing northward is enclosed with a thick stone wall. Guard towers dot the inside of the village, as well as the landscape outside of it, each topped with a ballista and stocked with harpoons crafted and enchanted for the purpose of killing any chromatic dragons that decide to harass the village, especially red dragons from Mt. Hotenow.

The Cordenth village is guarded by Lair Pipers—an elite mercenary company of dragonborn warriors hired by Ixuvalos to keep his lair protected from intruders, so named because of their proficiency in playing bagpipes. Outside the lair, the Pipers work mostly to guard against humanoid threats.

The Cordenths themselves hold themselves and each other accountable for their crimes and errors, so there is very little in the way of police within the village.

The Guild-Clan of Artisans

Despite being no larger than is typical for a dragonborn clan, the Cordenth Guild-Clan of Artisans’ influence currently only extends as far as the guild halls in Neverwinter.

The Cordenth dragonborn clan spent most of their history working to sustain themselves, leading to them indulging in just about every form of artisan craft out of necessity. After attaining guild status, the clan has used their accumulated artisan expertise to turn many of their crafts into businesses within the Cordenth Guild-Clan of Artisans conglomerate.

Their 4000-year history with gold dragons has also given the Cordenths expertise in the smithing of weapons, armor, and shields out of discarded dragon scales. They typically keep these items for their own defense against marauding chromatic dragons rather than trade them for profit.

The guild-clan’s artisans that use their crafts for business include:

  • Alchemists
  • Apothecaries
  • Armorers
  • Carpenters
  • Jewelers
  • Gemcutters
  • Leatherworkers
  • Skinners
  • Tanners
  • Masons
  • Stonecutters
  • Smiths
  • Metal-forgers
  • Wagonmakers
  • Wheelwrights

Cordenth Guild-Clan of Artisans

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